Download Towelroot APK

Download Towelroot APK for root Samsung Galaxy S5 and any Smartphone.

GeoHot is the developer of the towelroot and released towelroot to the public for all android users to root their own devices. Samsung galaxy S5 users are specially recommended to use this rooting tool to the root of the android smartphone.You need to download towelroot apk from our direct download links and also you are able to download it to your Windows Pc too. You can take it to your device via transferring the downloaded file file from the Pc to the mobile. Verizon Galaxy S5, AT&T GS5, Nexus 5, GS4, Note 3 and more android smartphones have done the root with towelroot successfully and simply.

towelroot download

Free Download Towelroot APK v3.0 from here

Towelroot apk download for Android

Modstrings of Towelroot

You can modify the towelroot apk settings via this modstrings of towelroot. If the towelroot is not supported to your device you can follow modstrings.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 using Towelroot apk v3.0

when you are not utilize modstrings,rooting procedure is same with each other android devices. but if you couldn't root your android device in the usual method that i mentioned above, you need to follow modstrings.

Watch the video on towelroot rooting process

Towelroot Important Facts

Towelroot v3 Changes Log

Install superSU after Towelroot apk rooting process

In the Googleplay repository you can find the SuperSU and then install it. If not you are able to use Root checker via Google Play to inspect whether Towelroot has rooted thedevice successfully